THE PRESENCE OF GOD I have been in partial prayer and fasting for around four to five days, asking God for His presence as I go forth with all things that I do. That He may be seen in all that I do, that what I do and say will not be in vain. That […]


Test of faith

Have you ever wondered why what you believe in or aspire doesn’t come so quickly? It is our tendency to want things working quickly as possible. Effectively also and they should be prosperous as soon as we start them. We want people to support them immediately without any questions since we know that they are […]

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Christmas This is the time for Christians to celebrate the birth of their Messiah. This time has been taken by people to enjoy themselves and indulge into all sorts of things that they feel will make them merry. To some, it’s time to meet with family, others it’s time to refresh themselves from a whole […]

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I have been thinking for some time about what should drive someone. What makes one do what he or she does? Which is the perfect drive for someone? Yes, there are good drives,better ones and also the best drive. But which is the perfect one. That which is blameless and without any stain? That which […]



There are times that one feel weak to do anything. Like you have no strength to do what you ought to do. This is because we are always in a battle,and it’s mostly in our minds. It’s the ground. We don’t wrestle against human beings by spiritual forces that are around us that do not […]

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The perfect will of God

The word of God says that we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Romans:12: 2) We have already been saved and are born again by water and the Spirit. We are already redeemed but our minds are not yet. This is where out part begins: Taking and wearing the mind of Christ. […]

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This race

We all have a race to run. Even before we were conceived in our mothers wombs we came from somewhere,so we traveled from a spiritual realm into physical one. It was a wonderful race since we had to compete with other millions of other children who could have been born instead of us. So we […]

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